Pre- gathering reflexions on the Political Body in Theatre, hosted by Artists Network & Economy

Inside of us the meaning and recreation of the languages we use, changes everyday, holding a big base of the common cultural languages and semiotics. This diversity that it is natural by itself, since some centuries ago, has been silenced by major collective morals, that intervenes on the individual identity and therefore the collective.

For us Theatre is a direct uprising from systematic submission, in our actions and creations we call out to the courage of self expression, which is clearly freedom, and we understand freedom as our own irrefutable power.

We use theatre as a tool of access to the collective memory, we agree on the fact that theatre is directly related to the territory and the bodies, and the right equilibrium between the material and no material world outside and our own imaginaries, sensations, memories, and simple actions such as breathing, touching and hugging. We manifest that as people, actors and actresses we need to look into the others eyes and breathe with the others, there is no theatre without the feeling and representation of the other, for us theatre is a tool of the self reivindaction and our radical right to exist, a rebellion of the languages, of the fabricated bodies and a space for the true self, we will not denied our own feelings, and pulsions.

It is a social fact in a complete acceptance.

The overuse of social media and video channels during the COVID lockdown has brought to us big questions and feelings.

Such as the reivindication of the magic composition of life it self and therefore theatre, theatre becomes a presentation of that that happens, so we as people and artists we manifest the basic need of societies to create out of the imaginary and to nourish the connection with the earth, our true selves and the others, that real connection is what we called the magic.

We can not make theatre digital otherwise, it will become another artistic manifestation, but that will not be theatre.

Theatre is an ancestral action of the being as a human, and we believe that will be on earth as long as humans will exist.

Theatre as an event that happens with the gesture, we reclaim the Pride of the Body, and the healing thru the NO EGO.


Claudio Del Toro

Μarios Ioannou

Violeta Kokopelli

Glocal Community of Artists & Ecosocial Action